Sunday, December 26, 2010

Configuring Hudson to run Selenium Test Suite

To configure Hudson, follow these steps:
1. Go to Hudson Home.
2. Go to “Manage Hudson”.
3. Click on “Configure System”.
4. Go down to “Selenium Remote Control”; in htmlSuiteRunner enter the location of Selenium Remote control.7. Click on “Save”.

Create the job that runs the HTML Suite

You need to create a job that includes a “SeleniumHQ htmlSuite Run” step.

1. Go to Hudson Home.
2. Click on “New Job”.
3. Enter a value for “Job Name”.
4. Select a Job type: “Build multi-configuration project (alpha)”.
5. Click on “Ok”.
6. In “Build”, click on “Add build step”.
7. Select “SeleniumHQ htmlSuite Run”.
8. Enter the variables :
Browser: the browser that will run the test suite. For example: *firefox
startURL: start URL . For example: “”
suiteFile: suite file location. For example: [location]/TestSuite.html
resultFile: HTML result file location. For example: [location]/TestResults.html


  1. Hi,
    This info is very productive.

    After 4. In “Global properties”: click on “Add”.

    5 is missing could you please add that asap.


  2. That point was optional so removed it.

  3. Thanks Farheen.
    i have installed seleniumhq and selenium plugins for hudson.

    When i execute i am getting the below error

    11:42:30.671 INFO - Started org.mortbay.jetty.Server@1d15445

    Could you please explain in detail how to execute selenium tests using hudson in detail.

  4. Hi Farheen,
    I have followed the steps above and i have integrated successfully as per my knowledge.
    Could also please instructions and pre-requisites for executing scripts through hudson.

    Thanks very much

  5. Hi,

    Suite file contains all the test cases.After you schedule the build,and build process is completed,Your test cases start executing.

  6. Hi Farheen,
    I followed Configuring Hudson to run Selenium Test Suite. I can successfully see the project in Hudson.But when i click on build button of hudson, execution does not kick off and i can see message as success in command line and build status.

    I am confused what setup do i need to do more to execute the suite sucessfully.

    I look forward for your reply.


  7. Make a batch file to start tomcat server and use that script by clicking on add batch in hudson project.


    SET CATALINA_HOME="F:\Hudson\jobs\travel\workspace\server\tomcat-6.0.26"
    set BUILD_ID=allow_to_run_as_daemon start_my_service




    start "startup.bat" "F:\Hudson\jobs\travel\workspace\server\tomcat-6.0.26\bin\startup.bat"