Thursday, November 14, 2013

Setup Selendroid on Windows.


System requirements to run selendroid testcase on Windows.
  1. 1.       Java sdk (minimum 1.6) is installed and JAVA_HOME is configured.
  1. Set the Environment path:Set proper Environment path for Java

  • Right Click on My Computer->Properties
  • Select Advanced system Settings
  • Click on Environment Variables
  1. 4.       Click on New : Enter the below Variables and save as shown in screenshot.

Variable name : JAVA_HOME  .Variable Value :C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_26\ (This should be the path of JDK on the machine)

Variable name : PATH .Variable Value :% JAVA_HOME%bin;
  1. 5.       Latest Android-Sdk is installed

Download ANDROID_SDK  from

  1. 6.        ANDROID_HOME is set.
Variable name : ANDROID_HOME Variable Value : D:\InstalledSoftwares\ANDROID\
Variable name : PATH .Variable Value :%ANDROID_HOME%\tools;%ANDROID_HOME%\platform-tools;
  1. 7.       At least one Android virtual device must be existent or an Android hardware device must be plugged in to the computer.
Click on start->All programs->android SDK tools ->Launch avd manager
Wait for it to open

Click on new

Fill in AVD NAME: for eg: SAMSUNG GALAXY, select Existing device and any target from the dropdown and click on OK.

Android virtual device will be created.

Now you are ready to launch selendroid testcases on this AVD.

 LINK to download the same blog with pictures


  1. Thanks for the writeup about how to use selendroid on Windows!

    Please note that there are some improvements that has been added to the code base, but they are currently not yet published as a jar. If you want already to have a look at the snapshot build, you can download it here:$selendroid-standalone/

  2. Thanks for sharing about Selendroid setup here. If you are wondering how to use Selendroid to test mobile web/hybrid application, below tutorial helps you setup Selendroid for mobile web automation.


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